Make Extra Money Online

Make Extra Money Online

Make extra money online to offset economic
Most people are certainly in this time of need, wanting to make extra money online, but most are confused on the basic elements on what they need to do when first setting up their business as it relates to keywords and websites. They want to make extra money by promoting products and/or services, but are stumped by all the technical jargon. The following are several specific steps to assist in you thru the process of how to find the right keywords and creating the right website.

Remember, you DO NOT need to pay a bunch of money to someone to do it for you, if you are willing to invest some time in learning the basics. To make extra money online, means you need to understand domain registering, picking keywords and yes even understanding the basics of SEO. If you don’t, then you are chancing your future with someone else. I struggled for years to unlock the mystery of Google and SEO, but now have a good grasp and so can you.

First, understand you do not need to be a programmer to set up a website. So one of the first steps you need to decide upon is what is the name of your website? Well, many people like to use fancy names that have absolutly no reference to what their website is even about. So in choosing the right keyword name for your website, consider what market you are going after and build your campaign and website around those elements.

What I mean, to make extra money online with your website, you want to get your website to the top of the search engines. If you are using one of those affiliate websites, forget about it. That will not happen – period. You need control of your website period, whether or not you design and create it or you hire someone to build it for you. Always maintain control of your domain names and websites.

Second, if you decided to go after home based business opportunity as a keyword, then you should try to use that name in your website name. I am not suggesting you have to, but it does help. How do you know which is the right keyword or phrase to use?

Third, start by finding out how much traffic goes for a particular keyword phrase. That is a big part of the process to finding the right keyword. You can use free software at or as 2 places to obtain your research information for free on keywords. Don’t let someone try and sell you on the paid version because unless you are specifically doing SEO consulting, you can easily and for free obtain the necessary information from the free version. By the way, after finding the right name, you need to register it with one of the companies that has that capability. Just Google domain registration and you will get lots of results back.

Fourth, after you have completed your research, picked out the right keyword, registered it, its time to decide on where you are going to host your domain. It simply means you are going to find a company that will store your website information on a server. There are literally thousands of companies to choose from. I like using, but that’s my choice. There are many good companies out there and you need to decide on what are important parameters for you. If you are not sure, go and read some reviews that provide a list of recommendation on selecting the right hosting company. Depending on your level of expertise, some people do not require phone support and only email support. I prefer going with a company that provides 24/7 phone support. The reason is simple because if I am going to have problems with my website, it will likely happen at midnight just when I need to access the site.

Most hosting companies, the good ones usually have templates to choose from and they are fine to start with. But if you want to use what thousands of people use, is wordpress blogs for your websites. Do not worry if you do not understand what I am telling your right now because you can learn all you need to about keyword selection, domain hosting and SEO from the best internet marketing system in my opinion called Veretekk. You can simply sign up for a free account at Veretekk. You will then receive an email verification.

There is a lot to learn about running a successful home based business to make extra money. There are certainly no free rides, unless you happen to listen to people that are promising you to make an easy 10K a month with only 10 minutes a day. Anyone promising that is an outright liar – period. I would challenge anyone on this planet trying to suggest or promote that kind of business opportunity. What you need is sound and honest advice from people that do know what internet marketing is and is not about. Plus you need a team of experienced SEO people that can benefit the entire team, rather than just a few select individuals. To make extra money online will require the 4 letter word called work.

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