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As we sit back to reflect upon history, you can really see how far we have come in terms of change – how we live, what we value, where and how we work, our social and educational expectations, all flex with the times. How has the home business industry changed or for that matter, what thrust it into the forefront of entrepreneurship? Having a home business to make money to meet your goals is a part of the American Dream? Given the economy, it is even more critical to start planning for our financial futures perhaps now, than at any other period of time in recent memory.

Have you ever had someone mention to you, your past behavior can be a predictor of your future behavior? Looking back to the dawning of the American Century, Henry Luce who was a publishing magnate in 1941 wrote that by the beginning of 1960 we would see the business community make drastic changes. He was obviously correct. World and national changes in technology, communication and cooperation changed rapidly. Home business income was available for all those with a dream and the drive to put it into play. We had a growing domestic environment while unemployment decreased. It was the technology that fueled the innovations. This was a very good time to be in a home based business to Make Money.

Because of exponential growth in technology, we find ourselves today in a vastly new technological age. Now we find ourselves in 2008 and again technology is driving massive changes in the work environment and especially for those with the spirit of an entrepreneur. You will find many ads on TV asking for your dollars to encourage you to go for some Video Adverting that leads to an internet home business ripe to make money, Web Stores abound and in fact over 50% of all Americans purchase goods or services over the internet. What seems to be happening more so today, is a shift to the internet. More and more companies are choosing to set up shop online. Why not – its a lot most cost effective than some physical building.

The days for no choice, only long drives on freeways and long hours working for the boss are changing. With tela-commutating from standard jobs (that is where someone works part of the week at the workplace and part from home) to the true entrepreneur who is driven to work from a home based business; work environments as we have known them are changing and being made available to the average person, not just the chosen few. As technology improves, I can would wager than in the future, you will see any exponential growth in tele-commuting.

The challenge is how to choose what business and who to work with for your support. This is a difficult task to say the least. Most of us in the business spent many years, spending lots of money, buying books, and flying all over the country taking classes not to count the online courses. I for one spent a small fortune before finding that many things I needed were either free on the internet or at a very reasonable fee, also that I needed to work with at team to get the power of numbers of knowledge and experience, each helping each other. Now granted, that is hard to find but not impossible. To Make Money in any business takes time and work. There are no free rides despite the so called instant success forumla advertised online.

The internet is a large and complicated business to get into and you will need help in bringing yourself up speed. You can either use the help of others or you can go it alone (that is the expensive way, I know from experience). To make money via the internet, then get a coach or mentor to help you along the way. They can cut your learning curve down tremendously and literally save you thousands of dollars a year.

The most important aspect of any business in the world is having customers. The more customers you have, the more money you can make. The best way to date that I have found to make money online is to buy customers and not leads. If you would like to learn about this new paradigm, click on the link below.

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