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Thousands of people everyday are searching on Google for legitimate ways to make money via the internet. The problem is they fall for all the hype and lies from flashy websites promising them instant riches. Finding a niche way to build a home business to make money is the key. For example, learn how to write good press releases to get your information out there. It is an excellent way to get your business name, web address and what you are doing circulating around thousands of sites and also will filter into the social network area if your content is good enough through the RSS feeds. One place to start is by searching free press release sites on Google.

Do you have an idea or know what you want to write about? Are you a subject matter expect in a particular field that people would be interested in knowing about? The First thing is to be clear about what you are really writing about. Keep that in your mind as you work through the process so you do not fall of track. All the major search engines revolve around content and it should be the main focus and method to get yourself branded in a particular area such as home business, make money or work at home ideas.

Never try to sell to your audience, but rather provide good quality content that will help your reader grow their home business. A well written press release will answer all the “W” questions (who, what, when, where and why). When you provide the media with good content that follows the principles of good writing, you will get circulated around the web. There are thousands of people wanting to make money, so you should not have any problem coming up with relevant content. There are also thousands of people looking for good article writers to help them with their business. So you if are a talented at that, check out places like Idea marketers or Ezine articles as 2 of the top places for submitting articles or getting some potential work.

Is this content newsworthy? In other words, would you read it if you came across it at an Ezine article website? If your article starts to sound like a commercial, stop, and rewrite. You want it to be strong enough and of interest enough that the media will then pick it up and springboard it into a larger feature. Sometimes your news will not be printed in entirety but it will get exposure and that is your purpose.

Think about what you want to write about, but keeping in mind any special knowledge or skills you have that you could share with with people. Not everything you may be excited about is news so stop and think, why would someone want to read this? Giving examples of how your company or products would solve solutions is to show a benefit. Real life examples would be helpful when possible. Can you show any causes and effect in your writing?

What is your angle in the article? Is it timely or old and stale news? You will need a good news hook to catch a journalist attention. Again, remember first you are writing for the Media. That is hard to keep in mind until you have done several of the press releases. For most people, it is difficult to write, but think in terms of being conversational, like talking to someone. The easiest way to develop your skill is to get out and actually start writing.

Wrap up your article by summarizing the key points and if you can, have your reader take some sort of action. Like using your RSS feed. To make money it would be wise to do your home work and use Google Search for press releases. You’ll find many articles on how to write for your highest odds of success. Take your time, write, read, rewrite and read again until you get it right. You can learn this skill like any other and it is a great key outreach method for your home web business. Yes, it takes time, but anything worth while takes time if you want to be successful and make money.

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