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Everyone it seems is looking for ways to make money online these days. Especially since the global economy is starting to slow down. Start by going to search on Google for examples of where and how you can advertise to make some extra money. Submit your keywords to and learn to start driving traffic to your site right away. You need to start driving some traffic immediately in order to test your web site. One way to do that is to buy this traffic at And check out other ads to get ideas for the wording for your ad copy and the follow up messages. If you do not know someone personally who can provide good answers, then they may not be that successful themselves. Other ways to get brand yourself or get your website seen by people is to learn about SEO -search engine optimization.

Here are a few tips and idea to make money online:

Optimize and submit your web site to organic search engines Google, etc. Once you have proved that your web site can make money online, you will be ready to take your business to the next level. You can set up an automated Google site map for the placing of your ads. You also can sign up for Google Ad words or you could post articles on an article distribution website. Again, keyword rich articles are a very powerful marketing tool. It will then time to start working on building free traffic to your site. No business can hope to succeed on the internet without writing articles.

The real way to make money is by getting to the top of the search engines. You need to publish web pages that meet search requirements so visitors can find your page so you can make money online website. If it is too time consuming for you to successfully optimize the content on your web site, or if your search engine ranking appears buried on page 99 of the free found listing, you may want to consider a professional SEO service provider. Start by asking an experienced search optimization writer to review 3 or 4 of your existing web pages. Listen to their suggestions and apply them. If budget is limited, engage her services to only optimize your most important web pages. Track results over the following 90 – 120 days. Always maintain control of your websites and never give them over to the SEO consultant. Yes, they can have access to optimize the sites, but too many people don’t realize that mistake until its too late. You should always get detailed information on what and how they are going to get your sites to the top pages.

Understand up front it will take time and that you will need to work on your business daily. There simply are no shortcuts to success. There is a secret to successful online make money online programs that is not mentioned very much in the most sales pitches. That secret just may be you. Not very many people realize they are starting a real business. There will be ups and downs, and profitability does not come overnight, but if you stick with it, it will succeed. Remember, to make money online will likely take a number of years to be really successful. So you need to be in it for the long term.

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