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Make Money Online Now With Customer Based Business

Make money online now with the right online business opportunity! Every business owner online that is trying to recruit you into their business wants you to believe that their business is the right business. There are many tried and true companies out there like Watkins and Mary Kay cosmetics who offer people distributorships to market their products. Google any of the longstanding companies and you may surprised at how many of them are moving to online business. These distributor based companies are moving to online marketing in addtiton to the traditional home business selling. The biggest downfall that I see is they still require you to go out and find your own customers so you can make money online now.

Every business needs customers to survive and a whole lot of customers to prosper. Whether online or off the biggest challenge is still finding customers willing to purchase your products on an ongoing basis to create your residual income. Building a loyal customer base will bring stability to your business but a customer is after all someone just like you or me that purchases product when they need it. It is unrealistic to expect customers to order every month if they don’t need the product.

Most companies online today have found a small fix for the customer regular reorder by making it mandatory for distributors, affiliate members or independent representatives to have a monthly personal order in order to qualify for commissions on sales they make. It is not uncommon for the amount of product required to meet the qualifications for commissions to increase as the sales and commisions increase. This is definitely good for the parent company sales but not necessarily good for the new business owner who has to purchase product before they can make money online now.

These types of companies rely heavily on the distributors to start their business from their own circle of influence. How many times have you been told that you need to make a list of everyone you know, at least a hundred names or more, and then contact them and ask them to look at or purchase your product. You can make money online if you do this, but what happens if they don’t like your product or you run out of people you know before you start to make any money to speak of. Generally people trying to build a business will get frustrated and quit at this point only to move on to another business hoping to make money online now.

Knowledge and good business practices can help you avoid some of the pitfalls. Personally I have found a company that generates the customers and makes them available to their Business Affiliates to purchase them. There is no requirement but it sure mades sense to me. As soon as the customer purchases I really do make money online now.

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