How To Make Extra Money Online

|How To Make Extra Money Online|

|How to make extra online| is the question that every entrepreneur looking to take advantage of the global internet marketplace asks. There is no doubt that the internet is the most economical way to start a business. It can be very frustrating if you don’t know how to set up your marketing campaign. Many so called gurus will sell you their version of |how to make extra money online|.

The general impression out there on the internet is that all you have to do is to start a Blog about your opportunity and |how to make extra money online| and the money will come rolling in. Ya right, give me a break. The reality is if you want to |how to make extra money online| on the internet you will need to work at it daily and especially with utilizing the power of blogging. The fact is blogging has become one of the best and most effective ways to get your websites to the top of the search engines.

It is important to understand that submitting your Blogs to the search engines does not mean that you will immediately start getting traffic and start to make extra money online. This is only the first step, it just means that the search engine spider will come and take a look at your |how to make extra money online| blog and include it the Search Engine index.

Once your |how to make extra money online| Blog is included in the index, the search engine spiders will come and take a look at it every once an awhile depending on how often the content is changing. Remember this important tip to gaining top positions on the search engines and especially Google. Content is king and that is the foundation to obtaining top positions.

Now it is up to you to keep feeding that spider because they are constantly looking for new quality content. But before I get into that there is one important point that I left out. Make sure that you submit your |how to make money from home| blog to Google. Why Google you ask and not MSN Yahoo or any other search engine or directory on the internet? Because Google is one of most powerful search engines on the internet and all of the other search engines and directories pull their information from Google. So if Google indexes your make money blog all of the other search engines and directories will eventually find it.

Now what do I mean by feeding the Spider. Well Google and all of the other search engines out there continuously crawl the internet looking at web pages, analyzing them and comparing them one against any others that have the same key word. Notice that I said keyword. Remember this term because it is one of the most important concepts for marketing on the internet and make extra money online.

The next thing you are going to do is provide key word rich content on your make money on line blog. And because the spiders love sites where the content changes rapidly you should write key word rich content to your blog often. But do not overdue it or your will beaccused of spamming. Your key words should makeup 3% to 5% of the text. If you try to do keyword stuffing as the term is coined, the Google and the other search engines could penalize your website. Take some time to learn a few strategies about |how to make extra money online.|

Happy marketing

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